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I'm an artist, photographer, and musician based out of Baton Rouge Louisiana. I'm also a mother to the sweetest little boy named Levi. My paintings come from a cool little gift called synesthesia.. basically hearing colors. It might be a lyric, or an entire composition that pulls some true emotion from me. I love digging deep and putting color to what I’m listening to. With my music, my main love is piano and singing. I've been specializing in wedding photography for about four years now, and love working with those couples that give you all the feels. Catching all those in between moments is very important to me. The moments where you can look at your photo and feel those emotions all over again. Theres something about the organized chaos of a wedding day that I thrive in. If I’m not in the studio, I’m most likely at thrift stores buying up all the mid century gems. Passionate and inspired, I love everything that I do, and love helping others find their creative paths.